Coral Triangle Sponsorship

Fish in the most magnificent colors, corals and sea shells: A marine area with the highest level of biodiversity in the world covers an area of 6 million square kilometers.

The Coral Triangle is a marine area that stretches from the Solomon Islands in the east, across the north coast of New Guinea to the Lesser Sunda Islands in the west, past the east coast of Borneo and on to the Philippines in the north. This area features extensive seagrass beds as well as coral reefs, and mangrove forests can often be found on the coasts.

Altogether, 76 percent of coral genera known worldwide, six of the seven species of sea turtle, numerous shark and whale species, dolphins and 2,228 different coral fish species live in the Coral Triangle. With its richness in biodiversity, it constitutes an important source of livelihood for over 120 million people.

The beginning of 2014 saw SIX Swiss Exchange - Structured Products dive into the fascinating underwater world to obtain its imagery. Sponsoring the Coral Triangle protects this wonderful underwater world of undreamed-of variety and fascination! SIX Swiss Exchange is pleased to support this valuable nature protection project.

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