Barrier Reverse Convertible

Symbol: FABJJB
Underlyings: Qualcomm Inc.
ISIN: CH0443810509
Bank Julius Bär



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Core Data

Name Barrier Reverse Convertible
ISIN CH0443810509
Valor 44381050
Barrier 40.08 USD
Cap 58.09 USD
Quotation in percent Yes
Coupon p.a. 9.35%
Coupon Premium 6.19%
Coupon Yield 3.16%
Type Barrier Reverse Convertibles
SVSP Code 1230
Barrier reached No
COSI Product No
Exercise type American
Currency US Dollar
First listing date 20/12/2018
Date of maturity 13/12/2019
Last trading day 13/12/2019
Settlement Type Cash payout
IRS 871m Potentially in scope for combined transactions
Currency safeguarded No
Pricing Clean
Issuer Bank Julius Bär


Name Qualcomm Inc.
ISIN US7475251036
Price 90.48 USD
Date 14/11/19 22:00
Ratio 0.05809
Cap 58.09 USD
Barrier 40.0821 USD

Key data

Ask Price (basis for calculation) 100.9000
Calculated price of underlying 94.0500
Maximum yield -0.17%
Maximum yield p.a. -2.13%
Sideways yield -0.17%
Sideways yield p.a. -2.13%
Distance to Cap -32.65
Distance to Cap in % -35.98%
Is Cap Level reached No
Distance to Barrier 50.6579
Distance to Barrier in % 55.83%
Is Barrier reached No

market maker quality Date: 13/11/2019

Average Spread 0.50%
Last Best Bid Price 100.50 %
Last Best Ask Price 101.00 %
Last Best Bid Volume 1,000,000
Last Best Ask Volume 500,000
Average Buy Volume 1,000,000
Average Sell Volume 500,000
Average Buy Value 1,005,000 USD
Average Sell Value 505,000 USD
Spreads Availability Ratio 100.00%
Quote Availability 100.00%

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