Capital Protection with Participation

Symbol: CWKEFG
ISIN: CH0446936285
EFG International



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Closing prev. day 109.08
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Core Data

Name Capital Protection with Participation
ISIN CH0446936285
Valor 44693628
Participation level 1.0000
Type Capital Protection with Participation
SVSP Code 1100
Barrier reached No
COSI Product No
Capital guarantee 100.00%
Exercise type American
Currency US Dollar
First listing date 01/02/2019
Date of maturity 01/02/2021
Last trading day 25/01/2021
Settlement Type Keine Angabe
IRS 871m Not available
Currency safeguarded Yes
Pricing Keine Angabe
Issuer EFG International

market maker quality Date: 20/11/2020

Average Spread 0.80%
Last Best Bid Price 109.07 %
Last Best Ask Price 109.95 %
Last Best Bid Volume 250,000
Last Best Ask Volume 250,000
Average Buy Volume 250,000
Average Sell Volume 250,000
Average Buy Value 272,664 USD
Average Sell Value 274,864 USD
Spreads Availability Ratio 100.00%
Quote Availability 100.00%


Name SMI EURO STOXX 50 Index S&P 500 Index
ISIN CH0009980894 EU0009658145 US78378X1072
Price 10,465.00 Points 3,463.0400 Points 3,559.50 Points
Date 23/11/20 17:49 23/11/20 17:50 23/11/20 18:15
Cap 9,852.91 CHF 3,423.34 EUR 2,902.57 USD
Distance to Cap -647.271 -39.8069 -668.46
Distance to Cap in % -6.16% -1.15% -18.72%
Is Cap Level reached No No No

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