Trademark rights

® SIX, SIX Swiss Exchange, SPI, Swiss Performance Index (SPI), SPI EXTRA, SPI ex SLI, SPI Select Dividend 20 Index, SMI, SMI Swiss Market Index, Swiss Market Index (SMI), SMIM, SMI MID (SMIM), SMI Expanded, SXI, SXI Real Estate, SXI Swiss Real Estate, SXI Life Sciences, SXI Bio+Medtech, SXI Switzerland Sustainability 25 Index, SLI, SLI Swiss Leader Index, SBI, SBI Swiss Bond Index, SAR, SAR SWISS AVERAGE RATE, SARON, SCR, SCR SWISS CURRENT RATE, SCRON, SAION, SCION, VSMI, SWX Immobilienfonds Index, MQM, MQM Market Quality Metrics, QQM, QQM Quotes Quality Metrics, COSI, CONNEXOR, SMI Indices are trademarks that have been registered in Switzerland and/or abroad by SIX Group Ltd respectively SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd. Their use is subject to a licence.

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