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Structured products – are you ready?

Been following the developments in the financial markets for quite some time now? Already gained some experience in trading stocks or investment funds? Annoyed by the fact that you’ve only been able to profit from rising prices but lose money when the market goes down?

In this part, we’d like to give you an initial overview of instruments that open up new opportunities for you in the financial markets:

Welcome to the world of structured products!

We’ll introduce you to products that can help you to earn attractive returns regardless of whether the markets are going up, down, or simply marching in place. You’ll learn which product types make sense in which market phases, how to trade structured products, and what the associated risks are.

But there really is one thing you should bring along on this journey: your own best guess of the direction the market might take in the coming months. So are you ready? Then let’s take a walk! 

A breathtaking product panorama

The growth in the number and variety of investment products has persisted for years now – not only in Switzerland. Innovative products make it possible for you, as an investor, to benefit from practically any price move in a specific underlying instrument, be it a stock, index, currency or commodity (whereby fixed-income securities or investment funds can also serve as underlying instruments).

It should be noted that investments in structured products are not – as is often claimed – generally more risky than a commitment to shares. In fact there are numerous product types that, in contrast to direct investments, offer safety mechanisms or even capital-protection guarantees. Equally spoken, there are also those that pose a greater risk of loss than a direct investment if “the stars align” in a certain way. Thus the difficulty for most investors mainly comes from the broad array of structured products on offer…and picking the right one.

For example, the so-called «leverage products» such as warrants, knock-out securities and mini-futures are best suited for investors who are ready, willing and able to bear risks. These products respond disproportionately to price moves in the underlying instrument and are therefore more advisable for investors who’ve already gained experience with shares and other riskier forms of investment. Leverage products are just as easy to trade as stock and bonds, but because of their special characteristics we’ve created individual brochures for them that you can feel free to download from our website.

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