Closing prices

This table provides daily market data of SIX Swiss Exchange - Structured Products for downloading. The files are first published at 17:35 CET and contain the closing prices and on-market volumes. The files are updated every hour until 22:35 as off-order book data may still change.

25.09.2020 Download closing prices 6558 kb
24.09.2020 Download closing prices 6590 kb
23.09.2020 Download closing prices 6580 kb
22.09.2020 Download closing prices 6558 kb
21.09.2020 Download closing prices 6588 kb
18.09.2020 Download closing prices 7114 kb
17.09.2020 Download closing prices 6567 kb
16.09.2020 Download closing prices 6534 kb
15.09.2020 Download closing prices 6534 kb
14.09.2020 Download closing prices 6522 kb
11.09.2020 Download closing prices 6571 kb
10.09.2020 Download closing prices 6991 kb
09.09.2020 Download closing prices 6489 kb
08.09.2020 Download closing prices 6499 kb
07.09.2020 Download closing prices 6561 kb
04.09.2020 Download closing prices 6514 kb
03.09.2020 Download closing prices 6499 kb
02.09.2020 Download closing prices 6496 kb
01.09.2020 Download closing prices 6454 kb
Archiv Download closing prices 23889 kb

Reference Data

Reference data for structured products is available on request in the closed user-group section of the SIX Exfeed website at

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For information on pricing, please contact SIX Exfeed at or call the Help Desk on +41 58 399 2445.

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