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Date of maturity
23/01/2020 CH0519701848 LONIJB Call-Warrant Lonza Group N 18/09/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701830 LONGJB Call-Warrant Lonza Group N 18/12/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701855 LONKJB Call-Warrant Lonza Group N 20/03/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701863 IPPOJB Put-Warrant Idorsia AG 18/09/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701889 IDIEJB Call-Warrant Idorsia AG 19/06/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701871 IDICJB Call-Warrant Idorsia AG 18/12/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701897 IDINJB Call-Warrant Idorsia AG 20/03/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701905 LOGFJB Call-Warrant Logitech International SA 18/06/2021 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701913 VACFJB Call-Warrant VAT Group 18/06/2021 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701921 VACLJB Call-Warrant VAT Group 18/12/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701947 VACYJB Call-Warrant VAT Group 20/03/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701939 VACVJB Call-Warrant VAT Group 18/09/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701962 TECCJB Call-Warrant Tecan Group AG 18/09/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701954 TECBJB Call-Warrant Tecan Group AG 18/12/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701988 TECMJB Call-Warrant Tecan Group AG 19/06/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0519701970 TECHJB Call-Warrant Tecan Group AG 20/03/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0506978912 ADEACZ Call-Warrant Adecco Group AG 18/09/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0506978938 ADEARZ Call-Warrant Adecco Group AG 18/09/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0506978946 ADEASZ Call-Warrant Adecco Group AG 18/09/2020 CHF
23/01/2020 CH0506978953 ADEATZ Call-Warrant Adecco Group AG 18/09/2020 CHF

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