SIX Swiss Exchange is one of the world's leading regulated trading venues for investment products based on cryptocurrencies. For its pioneering work in the field of investment products with cryptocurrencies as underlying assets, the Swiss stock exchange is awarded Best European Exchange for Listing cryptocurrency ETPs at the ETF Express European Awards 2022. 


The growth of crypto products on SIX Swiss Exchange traces back to 2016, when Bank Vontobel listed a structured product certificate that tracked bitcoin. The first crypto index ETP was listed on SIX in November 2018 by Amun (now called 21shares) – a world premiere at the time. A physically backed ETP on Bitcoin as a single currency was listed by WisdomTree in December 2019, followed by the very first actively-managed Crypto ETP tradable on a regulated marketplace, launched by Bitcoin Capital in July 2020.


The great variety of tradable crypto products on the Swiss stock exchange struck a chord with investors. Trading turnover reached CHF 8.6 bn in 2021, an increase of 673% compared with the previous year (CHF 1.1 bn). The number of transactions has increased more than sixfold too: in total, 354,542 trades were carried out in crypto products, an increase of 634% compared to 2020 (48,300).  


High investor demand is not the only factor fuelling the growth of crypto products on SIX Swiss Exchange. Further fundamental reasons include the sophisticated investment community in Switzerland – and the role of the exchange itself, working closely with the financial industry to create a diversified, competitive yet regulated market and providing an infrastructure to investors so they can trade interesting products and gain access to the crypto world.


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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

# Coin Price 1h 24h 7d 24h Volume Circulating Supply Mkt Cap
1 Bitcoin btc $65,460.00 -0.03% -0.19% -2.87% $41.17 bn. 19.71 m. $1,289.64 bn.
2 Ethereum eth $3,552.88 -0.15% 3.13% 1.05% $20.89 bn. 122.28 m. $434.61 bn.
3 Tether usdt $1.00 0.04% 0.01% 0.05% $58.50 bn. 112.61 bn. $112.61 bn.
4 BNB bnb $601.06 0.32% 0.94% -1.31% $1.63 bn. 153.86 m. $92.45 bn.
5 Solana sol $140.39 0.36% 2.64% -6.50% $3.44 bn. 461.91 m. $64.74 bn.

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