UBS UBS - Issuer Matrix

Participation Products
Tracker Certificate 399
Bonus Certificate 4
Outperformance Certificate
Bonus Outperformance Certificate
Twin-Win Certificate
Miscellaneous Participation Certificate
Yield-optimisation Products
Discount Certificate 36
Barrier-Discount Certificate
Reverse Convertible 3
Barrier Reverse-Convertible 268
Multi Barrier Reverse Convertible 1,236
Capped Outperformance Certificates
Express Certificate without Barriers
Barrier-Express-Certificate 4
Capped Bonus Certificates
Miscellaneous Yield Enhancement Certificate
Capital Protection
Capital Protection Certificate with Participation 2
Convertible Certificat
Capped Capital Protection
Capital Protection Certificate with Coupon
Barrier Capital Protection Certificate 6
Capital Protection Certificate with Twin-Win 1
Miscellaneous Capital Protection Certificates
Investment products with add. credit risk
Credit Linked Notes
Conditional Capital Protection Note with additional credit risk
Yield Enhancement Certificate with additional credit risk
Participation Certificate with additional credit risk
Leveraged Products
Warrant 6,149
Other without Knock-out
Warrant with Knock-Out 3,811
Mini Future 3,848
Constant Leverage Warrant 543
Miscellaneous Leverage with Knock-Out
Miscellaneous Constant Leverage Products
Other with Knock-out
Spread Warrant
Various Products

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