Zürcher Kantonalbank Zürcher Kantonalbank - Issuer Matrix

Participation Products
Tracker Certificate 153
Bonus Certificate 5
Outperformance Certificate 7
Bonus Outperformance Certificate 1
Twin-Win Certificate
Miscellaneous Participation Certificate
Yield-optimisation Products
Discount Certificate 26
Barrier-Discount Certificate 1
Reverse Convertible 20
Barrier Reverse-Convertible 34
Multi Barrier Reverse Convertible 908
Capped Outperformance Certificates
Express Certificate without Barriers 1
Barrier-Express-Certificate 14
Capped Bonus Certificates
Miscellaneous Yield Enhancement Certificate
Capital Protection
Capital Protection Certificate with Participation 14
Convertible Certificat
Capped Capital Protection
Capital Protection Certificate with Coupon 4
Barrier Capital Protection Certificate 8
Capital Protection Certificate with Twin-Win
Miscellaneous Capital Protection Certificates
Reference Entity Certificates
Reference Entity Certificate with conditional Capital Protection 7
Reference Entity Certificate with Yield Enhancement
Reference Entity Certificate with Participation
Leveraged Products
Warrant 1,578
Other without Knock-out
Warrant with Knock-Out 24
Mini Future 269
Constant Leverage Certificate
Miscellaneous Leverage with Knock-Out
Miscellaneous Constant Leverage Products
Other with Knock-out
Spread Warrant
Various Products

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