Our Structured Products cloud gives you a quick visual overview about the derivatives of an underlying. Each point in the cloud represents a single product. The position of a point is derived from the safety buffer of the product and its return, and here you can choose between maximum yield and lateral margin. To allow a fair comparison of products, we recommend the annualized values. To further narrow down the selection of products you can visualize the certificates of a certain issuer or those with a certain maturity. Products are displayed in different colors, depending on the issuer. After clicking on the magnifying glass with the "+", you can highlight a certain area in the graphic and "zoom into" this area. Frequently, slight differences in the pricing of the issuer become visible. When selecting a product among comparable certificates, you should always make sure that, for example, no product has a higher yield and the same return, or no product has a higher return and the same yield. Please read our legal notice as well.
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