Exchange Trading

The listing and the admission to trading of Structured Products on SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd is outsourced to the SIX Exchange Regulation. Accordingly, the Admission Board at SIX Swiss Exchange AG acts as the accountable listing authority. 

Further information on the listing of Structured Products can be accessed via the following link: 

Provisional admission / regulations

Issuers of debt instruments have the possibility to request provisional admission to trading for the Structured Products they wish to list (Art. 31 Additional Rules for the Listing of Structured Products).

See in this regard:

If you wish to access all the regulations of the SIX Admission Board, simply click on the following link:

Internet Based Listing (IBL)

To meet the needs of a continually growing Structured Products market, the SIX Swiss Exchange aids the admission process with an automated Web-based application known as Internet Based Listing.

IBL enables the applicant to link its databases to the SIX Swiss Exchange and offers the applicant comprehensive insight into its listing applications at any time. With IBL, products can be traded already one day after submission of the application.

Further information on IBL can be accessed here:


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